INSTRUCTION: For the Student Portal, the stages of registration are as follows:
    1. Create your portal account
    2. Update your eligibility form.
    3. Print your school fees payment invoice.
    4. Validate your school fees payment and print receipt.
    5. Register your semester courses.
    6. Print your ID card form.
    1. Scroll down this page to create your portal account.
    2. For validation type select "student".
    3. Enter the PIN obtained from your department.
    4. Write down the auto generated serial number before you proceed e.g. IMSU/14/01235.
    5. Enter required information and click "create account".
    6. You will receive an onscreen message that your account has been successfully created.
    7. Login to your account using your serial no. and the password you specified.
    8. Click student’s eligibility record and fill the forms that appear.
    9. Update your serial no. to your matriculation no. in the student eligibilty record.
    10. Print and take the eligibility form to your HOD and Director of Admission for authentication.
    11. Proceed to the fee payment portal to print your school fees payment invoice.
    12. Take payment invoice to the stipulated bank to make payment.
    13. After payment, validate your e-tranzact confirmation number on the payment portal.
    14. Register and print your semester courses to be submitted to your course adviser.
    15. Print your ID card form on the dashboard to be submitted to your HOD and the dean of students affairs for authentication.
    16. For help or complaint contact IMSU ICT Service Desk portal@imsu.edu.ng Tel. 083431332



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