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Know Your Bible Books In Seconds

Updated on June, 26th, 2015

I started at GENESIS passing through EXODUS when I saw LEVITICUS taking the number of Israelites at DEUTERONOMY to JOSHUA, who was waiting at the gate of JUDGES.

Suddenly RUTH ran along calling SAMUEL; SAMUEL, the first and second KINGS in the first and second CHRONICLES are coming to see you concerning the wall of Jerusalem which EZRA and NEHEMIAH had decided to rebuild.

Queen ESTHER was busy advising JOB to stop weeping but rather sing PSALMS in PROVERBS to the ECCLESIASTES or even SONGS OF SOLOMON.

Prophet ISAIAH consoled JEREMIAH, who engaged in LAMENTATIONS because EZEKIEL refused to tell him the visions of DANIEL, but rather took it to HOSEA who was seen inquiring from JOEL, AMOS and OBADIAH the whereabouts of the wayward wife.

Seeing the troubles, JONAH decided to run away. He entered the same boat with MICAH and ZEPHANIAH the companion of HAGGAI that the Lord will surely restore his people according ZECHARIAH.

Then MALACHI caught a vision from the Lord which he passed down to MATHEW; MARK, LUKE and JOHN who understood it and wrote it down differently.
This caused the different ACTS OF THE APOSTLES which were reported to the ROMANS, who decided to consult First and Second CORINTHIANS. Not knowing they were having problems in bewitching the foolish GALATIANS at the EPHESIANS church. The PHILIPIANS watched with interest while the COLOSSIAN were discouraged; the First and Second THESSALONIANS decided to leave them and go to First and Second TIMOTHY, the brothers of TITUS who was seen teaching a friend PHILEMON the HEBREW language in Brother JAMES house. Suddenly I heard first and Second PETER calling JOHN, JOHN, JOHN, tell JUDE your REV-ELATION.

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